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Someone from Athens, OH just purchased

Coolaroo Cordless Shade Wand with Crank

Someone from Las Vegas, NV just purchased

Levolor Heavy Duty Low Profile Wand Tilt Mechanism

Someone from Westfield, NJ just purchased

Hunter Douglas Cord Tension Device

Someone from Spokane, WA just purchased

Hunter Douglas Duette Bracket for 3/8in Pleat

Someone from Winnipeg, MB just purchased

Hunter Douglas Duette LiteRise Cordless Motor - Beige

Someone from Geneva, IL just purchased

Hunter Douglas Duette Tassel Knob

Someone from Tucson, AZ just purchased

Levolor Cellular Shade Bracket #1

Someone from Dallas, TX just purchased

Shutter Catch & Plate

Someone from Tacoma, WA just purchased

Standard Faux Wood Valance

Someone from Osage Beach, MO just purchased

Graber/Bali G85 Vertical Blind Wand Control

Someone from Arlington, VA just purchased

Hunter Douglas 2.5in Wood Blind Valance Clip

Someone from Marquette, MI just purchased

Hunter Douglas Duette Cordless LiteRise Handle

Someone from Inverness, IL just purchased

Graber Bali Standard Safety Tassel

Someone from Nokesville, VA just purchased

Wood Blind Wand with Plastic Eyelet Tip

Someone from Grandville, MI just purchased

Graber/Bali G71 & G85 Vertical Blind Stem

Someone from Lakewood, WA just purchased

Small Plastic Washers

Someone from Howell, NJ just purchased

Mecho UrbanShade Suburban-3 Clutch Kit

Someone from Cumming, IA just purchased

1in Valance Clip For Single Slat or Hidden Valance (Clear)

Someone from Crawfordsville, IA just purchased

HunterDouglas 3.4mm K35 Cord Loop for Various Shades

Someone from Little Falls, MN just purchased

Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Cordless Shade Handle

Someone from Washington, DC just purchased

Draper Roller Shade NEXD Small Clutch Kit

Someone from Hendersonville, TN just purchased

Hunter Douglas Cord Condenser

Someone from Onalaska, WI just purchased

Alta and M&B Vertical Blind Valance Clip