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Someone from North las vegas, NV just purchased

Hunter Douglas Shutter Center Cufflink Tilt Bar Connector

Someone from Aurora, CO just purchased

Coolaroo Cordless Shade Wand with Crank

Someone from Williamsburg, VA just purchased

1 Inch Valance Clip for Double Slat Mini Blind Valance (Current)

Someone from Laytonsville, MD just purchased

2-1/2 Inch Hunter Douglas Wood Blind Valance Clip

Someone from Menomonee Falls, WI just purchased

Hunter Douglas Silhouette UltraGlide Clutch

Someone from Hartville, OH just purchased

Hunter Douglas Duette LiteRise Cordless Motor - Beige

Someone from ST PETERSBURG, FL just purchased

2-1/2 Inch Valance Clip for Wood or Faux Wood Blinds

Someone from San Diego, CA just purchased

Hunter Douglas Small Silhouette End Caps (Pair)

Someone from Vancouver, BC just purchased

Levolor Clear Plastic Mini Blind Wand

Someone from Columbus, WI just purchased

1-1/2 Inch RollEase Cellular & Pleated Shade Clutch Kit

Someone from Cornwall On, ON just purchased

Coolaroo Idle End Clip

Someone from Dayton, OH just purchased

Hunter Douglas Flat Lift Tape for Cordless Shades

Someone from Redmond, WA just purchased

Plastic Tassel #8 (White)

Someone from Hereford, AZ just purchased

Clear Plastic Chain Connectors

Someone from SPRINGFIELD, MO just purchased

Levolor wood blind Low Profile Twist-Style Valance Clip

Someone from COLORADO SPRINGS, CO just purchased

Hunter Douglas Mini Blind Wand Tilt Gear Mechanism (1/4" Hexagon Hole)

Someone from New York, NY just purchased

Levolor Tilter S Hook #1 & Sleeve #1

Someone from Lorton, VA just purchased

Hunter Douglas Cord Condenser

Someone from Leonardtown, MD just purchased

Valance Fastening Velcro (Package of 4)

Someone from Eagleville, PA just purchased

3-1/4 Inch Valance Clip for wood or faux wood blinds

Someone from Marquette, MI just purchased

Hunter Douglas Duette LiteRise Cordless Motor - Black

Someone from Avon, OH just purchased

Chain Guide P Clip - Clear

Someone from Schertz, TX just purchased

Decorative Faux Wood Valance